Hi, I'm Sarah!

An award winning, published photographer based in Littleton, Colorado. I'm on a mission to provide natural, fun, and timeless imagery for families and brands that love color, details, and ingenuity.

When you work with me, my number one focus is to make you feel taken care of, understood, and relaxed during your session.

During each session I am:

  • thoughtful and observant of small details and moments normal people usually don't see
  • playful and encourage genuine laughter and interaction
  • resourceful of my surroundings and know how to make the most of any environment
  • trying new techniques and pushing boundaries to tell your story in unique ways
  • focused on reminding YOU how special, loved, and beautiful you truly are

The work that moves me most is showing the 

MAGIC of every day life.


You can expect to see genuine love and laughter,

the quiet, unheralded moments of family life,

and beautiful, bold colors in my work.



“Oh my gosh Sarah these are beautiful!!! I am always in awe of how you manage to get the most beautiful images even with uncooperative little ones. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I am in love with these.”

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