Let's talk wardrobe!

When I help clients choose what to wear, I always begin by introducing the concept of "coordinated not matching." I guide them to try to coordinate with each other, but not specifically match each other.

My goal for every wardrobe is to have natural, easy outfits. This is super important because when the wardrobe is unnatural or forced, the photos can look unnatural or forced, which is something we want to avoid during your session.

This concept of "coordinated vs. matching" can a bit nuanced without specific examples, so let's dive a littler deeper here:

  • matching outfits: groups choose the same 1-3 colors for everyone to wear.
  • feels posed / forced
  • the family looks like one blob against the backdrop
  • no dimension to the image
  • coordinated outfits: no specific or dictated colors for the group, instead the focus is on finding pieces that fit well together
  • feels organic / natural
  • you can see individuals within the family
  • adds dimention to the photos

Another way to explain it is like this: If each person in your group was one part of a collective whole outfit, what would the overall outfit look like? Would it be monochromatic or just the same 2 repeating colors throughout their pants, shirt, socks, earrings, etc. or would each item of clothing coordinate or fit together without exactly matching in color?

You can also ask yourself this: Would you do a double-take if you saw a group of people wearing those outfits together walking down the street?

If you're more of a visual learner, here are some examples of matching and coordinated wardrobes:



Obviously, at the end of the day, YOU get to decide what YOU like.

If you prefer to have everyone wear black and white striped shirts and denim jeans for your photos, more power to you! This is just a guideline I offer to my clients who are looking for specific things to do (and not do) when choosing outfits for their photos.

If you want to see more ideas of coordinated group outfits, you can browse my Pinterest board to get inspiration and more ideas!

Have specific questions about this? Feel free to leave a comment below - I'd love to help!